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2012: beauty heroes

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For me 2012 was an education in beauty, mainly because it was the year my skin was at its worst, and probably something to do with it being the year I started blogging - cue me wanting everything and anything people been raving about. Having said that, I have discovered some amazing products that I would have been lost without otherwise, so here are my 2012 heroes; First and foremost I'd like to thank (..just kidding)

1.I know I posted about this a couple days ago so I wont say too much, but shout out to my La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo, this product has transformed my skin and a lot of other peoples if you believe the blogging hype...(believe it!). Read my full review here. 

2.Sticking with the skincare theme, I invested in the Origins Super Spot Remover when I was going through a bad time with my skin. I almost had a little cry when it came and I saw how tiny the bottle was seeing as it cost around £15., but it is definitely worth the money. If you have any bumps or blemishes at the end of the day, you just need a tiny dab of this stuff and they will have disappeared by the time you wake up in the morning. It does sting a tad, but you can feel it killing your spot which is good in a weird kind of way. I have used this so many times and it has hardly gone down at all, so don't let the size of the bottle put you off as it will probably last a good year.  

3.Next up is a product which I have wanted for ever, and 2012 was the year that it finally became mine, courtesy of my housemates as a very generous birthday gift. I am talking about the Urban Decay Naked Pallet. With Naked 2 being released at the end of 2011, all the hype around the pallet came flooding back in 2012, and with it my desperation to have one. I could just never justify £36 pounds for eyeshadow as I didn't think I would use it that often. Having said that since actually having one, I have used it pretty much everyday and can honestly say I will probably never need to buy an eyeshadow again, it has everything you will ever need. So if you are, like I was, on the fence about investing in the Naked pallet, do it, you will never look back! 

4.I have to say I am addicted to blusher, but one of my favourites this year has definitely been Make Me Blush from the Look beauty range in the shade flirt.It's just a really bright pink and you only need the tiniest bit as it is so pigmented. It applies really nicely and is really buildable. I got this during a half price offer in Superdrug so it cost me around £4 which is amazing value for money considering the pigmentation of this blusher.  

5.The next product I have to mention is Benefit They're Real mascara, again a product that has gained a lot of attention, and again, rightly so. At first, I must admit I wasn't sure about this, but after using it for a couple of months I can't quite remember why. This mascara is just so good at separating and lengthening lashes, and it adds so much volume without even meaning to as it picks up all the lashes you never even knew you had. Since using this, I have slowly been weaning myself off false lashes, and yet people still ask me if I am wearing them, so it must be good! Read my full review here

6. Moving on to hair, I'm not a massive hair product person. Although since I ombred my hair I have found that the ends have been in dyer need of some TLC. I picked up the Herbal essences beautiful ends split end protection cream not really expecting much, but it's actually a really good product. It's like a leave in conditioner that you just rub through your ends before drying you hair, and it really adds a lot of moisture to your ends and just makes dry hair a little more manageable. I can't remember how much this was now, but I think under the £5 mark, so definitely worth a try if you struggle with dry or split ends. 

7.In 2012, I decided for the first time in forever to take the chop. I cut around 5 inches off my hair and instantly regretted it, but hey at least I tried right? In a bit of a panic I went into boots and picked up the Lee Stafford hair growth treatment  in the hope that it would magic back my lovely long hair. Well, it didn't quite do that, but since I cut my hair in November it has grown about 2 inches which I'm almost positive is down to this product. It's described as being 'for hair that never grows past a certain length', so if you aren't having instant hair cut regret like I was and you are just at that annoying length which you seem to have been stuck at forever, give this a try and see if it can help fast forward the process a little. 

8. I don't use fake tan too often, but when I do I always use St. Moritz tanning mousse in medium. It is just a really good product for how cheap it is, and for someone like me who doesn't use tan all the time it's not worth spending out a fortune, so I am more than happy to use this at £3 a bottle! 

9.Finally my favourite fragrance. This one is actually a bit of a cheat as it isn't my favourite of 2012 but my favourite ever, but never the less, nothing came up in 2012 that took it's place so I'm going to talk about it anyway. My favourite perfume is Calvin Klein Euphoria, I just love it. It's a scent that really makes an impact and I can always smell it on scarves and things days after spraying it. I don't think I will ever not wear this perfume. It's quite a wintery smell as it's fairly heavy and woody, but it really does smell amazing, if you have never smelt it, give it a try next time you are at the perfume counter. 

So those were my favourite beauty (etc) products of 2012, I hope you have enjoyed/found this post useful. And let me know if you love any of these products as well, or if you have any recommendations of similar products you think I would enjoy. Thanks for reading! 

Sophie x

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