Tuesday, 23 October 2012

wish list #1

1, 2, 3

So, my wishlist isn't exactly huge, and that's not because there aren't a million more things I'm lusting after this week but because I'm trying to avoid online shopping at all costs. The student lifestyle has both taken it out of me and my bank account recently and so my money is having to go on more essential things such as food at the moment (sob). I would say that there is no harm is browsing but unfortunately I have a problem with shopping and browsing usually leads to bad things for me so it's safer just to avoid it all together. 

I have however fallen in love with this Topshop coat, which is definitely NOT within my price range, but I just like to look at it and pretend. 

I don't even know how long I have been after a Nars blusher, and as it's my birthday next month I have decided that this will be the time I will finally get my hands on one. So, naturally I have been browsing the website to find the perfect shade for me and I think I have decided on Deep Throat

Finally, me and my housemate were in H&M a couple of weeks ago and I tried on a tartan print scarf. I decided I didn't need it and put it down as I have SO many scarves but it's all I have thought about since. It's not the exact one in the picture, It was bigger and more of a burgundy colour, but it was lovely and it will soon be mine. 


  1. Ah Nars is so beautiful. Deep throat is such a lovely colour I'm sure it'll look gorgeous on you!