Monday, 3 September 2012

whose idea was this?

Packing - It's a stressful experience. Trying to select what you need to take for a week away is always a challenge and the question 'do I really need this' is constantly being replayed in your mind. The answer is of course, always yes; 'why wouldn't I need this top that I haven't worn in months?' or 'I need at least 7 different bikinis to ensure the best tan coverage possible'. 

I am off to Magaluf tomorrow and I am well and truly useless at packing. I always end up taking practically everything I own, or being over the baggage allowance, or recycling the same pair of denim shorts night in night out and coming home with a case full of unworn clothes. Ahh holidays! And don't even get me started on toiletries and beauty products. 

Well, as if this isn't all stressful enough already, me and my friends wanted the best possible deal going when booking this holiday, so when the travel agent started asking us what extras we wanted to add on to our package, our immediate answer was 'none', meaning hand luggage only. I know. What were we thinking?

So now, I'm trying to cram everything I need into a case the size of a shoe box, and searching the label of every product I own to see which are under 100ml. I'm having a nightmare. I only hope after I have stuffed my case full to bursting, they don't tell me there's a weight limit! 

I have no idea how I'm going to close this!


  1. I have a bad habit of taking waaayyy to much and only wearing half of it! I dont think that will ever change either :)

  2. ugg packing, terrible experience! enjoy majorca and don't forget to pack your suncream.
    happy to be your FIRST follower on Google friend connect, keep up with the great content! xx
    ps. pleeease, turn the word verification OFF, it's a real pain!
    Alice Barton ♥ The Mow Way

  3. you're so right, packing is so stressful but i'm sure magaluf will make it all worth it!
    i had the same experience when i was going to greece, the 100ml bottle task was such a nightmare!
    anyway, i'm now follower number 2, eeee, i'm really excited haha, anyway you seem so lovely, i hope you'll come and say hi when you get home!
    laura xx

  4. I actually love packing, lol. . . Now unpacking thats what I hate :(