Thursday, 23 August 2012

Stud me up

I’m absolutely loving studs at the moment and am having to refrain myself from sticking them all over everything I own. I decided against covering all my clothes with them and thought I would invest in a few studded accessories instead.

I had my eye on this Topshop clutch for a couple weeks and decided on a recent shopping trip that I would bite the bullet and make the purchase, although the £38 price tag had been previously holding me back, as I’m not keen on spending a fortune on disposable accessories. Anyway, a couple of days ago I was shopping on Oxford Street and decided to quickly pop into Primark as it wasn’t looking too busy (anyone who has been there on a busy day will know it’s pretty much unbearable). I skipped the clothes and went straight up to the accessories department as I think accessories are definitely what Primark do best.

On one of the walls they had set up a display of studded items and like the magpie I am, I was straight over there. I managed to pick up a replica clutch to the one I was after in Topshop – for just £6! I was chuffed, and was straight back to Topshop to return my original purchase. Ok, so there are some small differences; the Primark bag is a leathery material whereas the Topshop bag was suede, and the Topshop studs were silver and the Primark gold, but hey, for a saving of 32 quid, these details can definitely be overlooked!

Black studded clutch - Primark £6

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