Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Lash Saviour

Me wearing the lashes on a recent night out

Eyelashes - Primark £1

As much as I wish I was blessed with long, thick lashes, I wasn’t. And so for me false lashes are the way forward, although I do try and avoid them in the day time. But for nights out or a special occasion I always wear lashes just so I feel a bit more dressed up. My usual go-to pair are Eyelure 101’s. I love the classic shape and style of these; they are just enough to make your eyes look bigger and more stand-out, but not enough to look overly fake and OTT, plus they are curved so super easy to apply.  

Recently, I was queuing up to by a few bits in Primark when I noticed a display of fake lashes near the counters. At first glance, admittedly, as you would expect they looked pretty hideous with gems and glitter galore, which I definitely wasn’t feeling. But then I spotted a pair which looked fairly natural, and at £1, I thought I may as well give them try so I chucked them in the basket not expecting much. I’m SO glad I did. I can honestly say I really love these lashes. Every time I wear them someone comments on them. They do look quite natural, so if you’re into a more obvious look with your lashes these may not be for you, but if you are like me and go for a more subtle look, these will save you an absolute fortune!

Admittedly, the glue is pretty dreadful, so it’s best to use an alternative brand (I use Eyelure), but the actual lashes are fine! They won't be replacing my beloved 101's just yet, but they are a brilliant (and cheap) back up. So next time you’re in Primark, remember to check them out – bargain of the century!

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