Monday, 19 November 2012

The November Haul: Birthday Treats

So, first of all I must apologise for my lack of posts over the past couple of weeks but I have been super busy with uni work and have had a serious lack of funds to buy anything exciting to show you. But last Friday was my Birthday so I finally got some exciting new things (yay!). I have named this post November haul but really it should just be called Topshop haul as this is where everything is from. oops. I did also get a couple of nice beauty bits but I think I will do a separate post for those as I don't want to bombard you. 

So first up, I got this lace print skater dress which I really like. I saw it in Topshop Oxford Circus in the petite section but they didn't have it in normal sizing which I was disappointed about, so I was excited when I saw it in my local Topshop and I quickly snapped it up with my remaining Birthday money. 

Topshop Lace Print Tunic - £32
Next up I got this floral print chiffon shirt. Normally, I don't wear collars but I just really loved the print and autumnal colours of this blouse so I couldn't resist. It was quite pricey but I definitely think I will be getting my wear out of it! 

Topshop Oversized Paint Flower Shirt - £40
I also got this poppy print tunic which I absolutely love. I have the same top in leopard print and I just really like the shape of it and how it sits, and when I saw they had it in another pattern I had to get it. I also think at £26, it was relatively good value for Topshop.                                       

Topshop Poppy Print Cami - £26
Lastly, I finally bought the jumper I had been admiring from afar for the past month. Again, it was fairly extravagant, but if you can't treat yourself on your Birthday then when can you, ay? This jumper is so soft and looks a bit like a furry animal and I absolutely love it!   

Topshop Knitted Fluffy Stripe Jumper - £42
A closer picture to show you the material (so soft)
So yeah, my wardrobe has finally had an update courtesy of Topshop! Thanks for reading and I will try to get back up to speed with my posts asap!

Monday, 5 November 2012

life through a lens #6

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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! I absolutely love fancy dress so Halloween is one of my favourite holidays, I wish we celebrated it more in England! I went to a Halloween party at the weekend and this year I decided to go as a doll as I had seen so many good youtube tutorials on how to do the make-up. It was actually quite simple and yet so many people commented on how creepy it looked, so all-in-all a successful costume I would say! Here is the youtube tutorial I followed to create this look. 

I hope you all have a great Halloween whatever you do! 

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Primark Haul

I thought I would do a little haul of some of the bits I have picked up in Primark recently as I think there has actually been some really good finds in there this A/W and also because Primark doesn't have an online shopping option so it's nice to see some of the things they have to offer. Here are just a few things I have bought.

I picked up this plain black 3/4 length sleeve peplum top for around £4 or £5 pounds which is super cheap. It has a scooped neck line so can be worn on a night out or is great for layering during the day. I also got a sleeveless version of this for around the same price. 

I also got this faux leather skater skirt for £12! I love my Topshop jersey black skater skirt and thought this would make a great alternative for adding some texture to an outfit. 

I know it's not clothing but I couldn't not share this. I bought this blanket/throw from the home section for £5. It's such a cute christmassy print and is really soft. I love it, they also do a matching duvet cover which I will be getting next time I go to Primark.

The next thing I picked up were these black faux suede ankle boots with silver studded toes. These were around £10 I think and I just thought they would go with most outfits, plus the studding makes them on-trend. They are also really comfy! 

To continue with the stud theme, I got these studded tote bags which are perfect for uni. They were £10 each which is so cheap for a bag like this so I decided to get both colours. I have been using the black one a lot more as it's just easy and goes with anything, but I actually really like the nude one so I will make an effort to use that one more I think! 

Lastly, I got this jacket. This style of jacket is the 'it' jacket of the season and I was so close to buying the River Island version for £55, but I'm so glad I saw this one before I did. It was about £20, and I would much rather spend that on a item like this which I will probably only get one years wear out of. It's actually a really nice fit and style, although it's quite thin but I guess you get what you pay for. 

So that is what I have picked up so far this season in Primark and I have been getting a lot of wear out of it all so far! Have you found any Primark gems this season? Thanks for reading!

wish list #1

1, 2, 3

So, my wishlist isn't exactly huge, and that's not because there aren't a million more things I'm lusting after this week but because I'm trying to avoid online shopping at all costs. The student lifestyle has both taken it out of me and my bank account recently and so my money is having to go on more essential things such as food at the moment (sob). I would say that there is no harm is browsing but unfortunately I have a problem with shopping and browsing usually leads to bad things for me so it's safer just to avoid it all together. 

I have however fallen in love with this Topshop coat, which is definitely NOT within my price range, but I just like to look at it and pretend. 

I don't even know how long I have been after a Nars blusher, and as it's my birthday next month I have decided that this will be the time I will finally get my hands on one. So, naturally I have been browsing the website to find the perfect shade for me and I think I have decided on Deep Throat

Finally, me and my housemate were in H&M a couple of weeks ago and I tried on a tartan print scarf. I decided I didn't need it and put it down as I have SO many scarves but it's all I have thought about since. It's not the exact one in the picture, It was bigger and more of a burgundy colour, but it was lovely and it will soon be mine. 

Monday, 15 October 2012

Benefit "They're Real": Review


me with 2 or 3 coats of Benefit They're Real - £18.50


This mascara makes some big claims, so naturally I had to purchase it to see if it lives up to them. Benefit claim that 100% of people who used this mascara saw long-wearing result, 94% saw dramatic length and volume, 90% saw base-to-tip curl and 94% saw visible lift. Those are some impressive stats. 

Well, it is a very good mascara I have to say. I'm such a mascara lover and I did have to have a little word with myself after buying this as I really didn't need it and it's not exactly cheap at £18.50, but I was just to intrigued to find out if it was worth the hype.  The brush is really good, I would definitely say this is more of a lengthening mascara than a volumising one and I tend to like my lashes to look quite thick so I do use another mascara on top of this one, but in the picture I have just used this one. 

I have heard that this product dries out really quickly so I will be keeping my on it and will report back. All in all this is a really good product and I have a lot of friends who use it and swear by it so Benefit have definitely done something right! I wear false lashes on a night out though, so am unsure whether I will repurchase this as the price tag is pretty hefty for the amount of use I will get from it. 

Has anyone tried this mascara, or know of any other really good ones? 

life through a lens #5

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Monday, 8 October 2012

The perks of being a student

As much as I shouldn't be spending my loan money of clothes, it's just so hard not to when everywhere is offering 20% student discount. Needless to say I took advantage of this and made a couple of orders. 

 First up are the bits I bought from Topshop. Topshop do 20% student discount every year around the same time and usually I wait until they do before I buy anything. This year though there really wasn't much I wanted so I used the opportunity to buy some wardrobe staples. Firstly I bought this camouflage jacket which I had actually wanted for a little while but couldn't really justify the £48 price tag, but with 20% off it seemed more reasonable so I decided to invest. Next I bought these coated high wasted shorts, I originally wanted some leather shorts but decided that these were a better choice and would be more comfortable, also they are a little more subtle than leather so I thought they would be more versatile. Lastly I bought this basic oversized t-shirt. This is just a good wardrobe staple for slouchy days plus it's really oversized which I love. 

I was also surprised to see River Island offering 20% student discount, as they don't do student discount usually, but hey I'm not complaining. I never used to be a fan of River Island, but I feel like this season they have really stepped it up and there is loads of stuff on my wish list. I needed some new jeans and usually I only buy Topshop Leigh jeans, but recently I have found that I have loads of tops with short hem lines and have found that I can't find any bottoms to wear with them, so when I saw these high wasted skinnies, I decided to try them and I'm actually really impressed with them, and they were only £30, so with 20% off they cost £24, a bargain for jeans. I also bought this knitted t-shirt dress which looks really nice with tights and boots, and this plain black beanie for the colder days that are rapidly approaching. 

Ok, maybe I went a little crazy but hopefully these bits should see me through the winter. God, I really need to stop online shopping! 

Saturday, 6 October 2012

KUKEE order

I read about KUKEE on Georgia's blog a couple weeks ago and had to go check it out for myself. Before I knew it I had a bag full of shopping and I was confirming my order. It may look like I went a little crazy, but all of these items came to £12! So cheap I could barely believe it, plus at the moment they are offering a free gift with orders over £10. I really like all of the products I got as well, it's all surprisingly good quality for the price and the rings are silver plated so hopefully they won't turn my fingers green like my other rings like this. Check out the website here 

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

life through a lens #4

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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Benefit Porefessional: Review

Benefit Porefessional - £23.50
 I know this isn't the newest of products on the market, so to most of you this is probably old news but I have loved using this product so much that I couldn't not share. I recently bought the Benefit Porefessional Primer at the duty free lounge before flying off on holiday. I decided on this particular primer as I didn’t really know which one to pick and I knew that this was a bit of a cult favourite a few months ago so decided to try it out. I have to say that I normally don’t enjoy using primers as I find the consistency odd and the ones I had been using really matified the skin which is not what I wanted. However, since using Benefit Porefessional my whole attitude towards primers has changed. I cannot express enough the difference this has made to the way my skin looks. It makes my skin tone so even, and provides the perfect base for foundation or powder. The coverage it gives is enough to be worn alone though if you’re having a good skin day. So if you’re after a good, reliable primer, I can’t recommend this enough. I will definitely be repurchasing!

My skin after using Porefessional as a base

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

L'Oreal Preference Wild Ombre: Review

So, you may have seen a couple weeks ago I did a post about how excited I was that L'Oreal Preference were launching their own at home dip-dye range 'wild ombre'. Well, I finally managed to find some, in asda of all places (on offer at £5) and was so excited to get home and try it out.

I thought it would be more complicated than it was but it was actually super easy. Just like standard at home dyes, you mix all the little bits together, and it comes with step by step instructions so no way of going wrong. The only main difference is in application as obviously to get the ombre effect you only do the ends of your hair or as far up as you want the effect to start. The kit comes with a little brush so you can comb the dye through so that it's even and you can easily see how far up you have gone on each side. The instructions suggest leaving the dye on for 25-45 minutes, which is quite long for an at home dye, but I guess that's because you are trying to lighten the hair.

I have to say, I was actually really disappointed with the results of this product. I have been trying to find a good at home dip-dye for ages and thought this one sounded really promising. I got shade no.2 which is dark blonde to medium brown. My hair at the moment I would say is medium brown, there was also a shade for dark brown to medium so could have picked either one but I chose no.2 as I wanted a quite noticeable result. I left the product on for 45 minutes, so the longest recommended time and can honestly say I can see hardly any difference at all. Maybe my hair just doesn't take dye that well, but after 45 minutes you would think I would see some difference, especially as this product is designed specifically for lightening hair. I guess I will just have to go to the salon next time. 

After using L'Oreal Preference Wild Ombre shade No.2
 Have you used this product? Or do you have any recommendations for a good at home dip-dye? 

Sunday, 23 September 2012

life through a lens #3

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Thursday, 13 September 2012

hair rescue

Having just returned from holiday, my hair was in need of some serious TLC. Not only has it had a week of sun and chlorine abuse, it also had to suffer at the hands of some very cheap and cheerful shampoo and conditioner we had to buy there because we thought hand luggage was a good plan. Sometimes, it really is just worth paying the extra to take luggage. 

Before I went away I picked up some VO5 Hot Oil Moisture Soak Elixir in shower treatment. I had used this a couple of times before my holiday and not given too much thought to the results. However, I found as soon as my hair felt a bit dry or damaged, I couldn't wait to use this product. 

Moisture Soak Elixir claims to "double the strength of all hair to reduce breakage" and " remove 75% more chlorine than shampoo alone" so perfect for use after returning from holiday. The product is applied directly on to the hair before shampooing and left for a minute before rinsing. 

After using this product on dry, damaged hair, the results are definitely more noticeable and have made me appreciate the condition it has left my hair in so much more than when I had used it previously. It has smoothed out tangles that I was barley able to get a brush through before washing, as well as leaving my hair feeling so soft and shiny. It feels really moisturised and the dry ends have vanished. 

nice smooth hair courtesy of VO5 Moisture Soak Elixir
Moisture Soak Elixir is a weekly treatment and has little guidelines down the side as to how much you should be using each time which is handy. I think it costs around £5 from boots or superdrug, and if you follow the guides should last around 5 weeks which is pretty good going. Definitely worth checking out if your hair also needs some TLC. 

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

post holiday therapy

I have just returned from Magaluf feeling tired and poorly, but I am heading back to uni in a couple of days so have no time to rest as I have to pack ready to move house (did I mention I hate packing?). I am not sure when 21 became old but after 7 days of partying I certainly feel it!

Anyway, to put off the dreaded packing and because I was feeling sorry for myself and my cold, I decided to go shopping. Here is what I bought:

real Techniques stippling brush - £11.99 Boots, NYC Expert Last nail ploish  in 105 lights,c camera, glitter - £2.49 Superdrug, TRESemme Keratin Smooth deep treatment masque - £2.49 Superdrug, Natural Collection Moisture Shine lipstick in Rose Bud - £1.99 Boots, River Island burgundy zebra print jumper - £35, Primark cable knit cricket jumper - £14

Returning from holiday means that summer is well and truly over so it's time to invest in some knitwear. I have to say though, I much prefer A/W clothes to summer, bright colours just don't suit me and I love layering. I picked up this cream cable knit cricket jumper from Primark for £14. It's really cosy and oversized so perfect for the coming months. I also got this burgundy zebra print jumper from River Island; not quite so practical but hey, I liked the print! 

I had to get some hair products to sort out the horrible mess on my head that seems to have returned to England with me. Sun, sea and chlorine is just bad news for your hair. I got the TRESemme Keratin Smooth deep treatment masque, which was half price in Superdrug at £2.49, so expect a review on that soon. 

I decided to invest in the real Techniques stippling brush as I have heard so many good things about it, so I will be sure to give my verdict on that as well. 

Lastly I bought a new lipstick and some sparkly nail polish, well just because. I feel it is time for me to get back to reality before my bank account suffers any more! 

Monday, 3 September 2012

whose idea was this?

Packing - It's a stressful experience. Trying to select what you need to take for a week away is always a challenge and the question 'do I really need this' is constantly being replayed in your mind. The answer is of course, always yes; 'why wouldn't I need this top that I haven't worn in months?' or 'I need at least 7 different bikinis to ensure the best tan coverage possible'. 

I am off to Magaluf tomorrow and I am well and truly useless at packing. I always end up taking practically everything I own, or being over the baggage allowance, or recycling the same pair of denim shorts night in night out and coming home with a case full of unworn clothes. Ahh holidays! And don't even get me started on toiletries and beauty products. 

Well, as if this isn't all stressful enough already, me and my friends wanted the best possible deal going when booking this holiday, so when the travel agent started asking us what extras we wanted to add on to our package, our immediate answer was 'none', meaning hand luggage only. I know. What were we thinking?

So now, I'm trying to cram everything I need into a case the size of a shoe box, and searching the label of every product I own to see which are under 100ml. I'm having a nightmare. I only hope after I have stuffed my case full to bursting, they don't tell me there's a weight limit! 

I have no idea how I'm going to close this!

Sunday, 2 September 2012

life through a lens #2

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Saturday, 1 September 2012

Pat your weave ladies

So, I thought I would write a post about the weave I recently had in and my experiences with it. For those of you not familiar with weaves, it's basically having 2 or 3 rows of hair extension sown into you hair to give you  thicker or longer hair, or if you're me, just for the sake of having one! My hair is already pretty long and thick, but my friend was getting one done so I decided I wanted one as well to make my hair even thicker and longer. 

First off, they aren't cheap! Mine cost £90 for 2 rows of hair which is actually a really good price, even though it sounds fairly extortionate. Generally, they say a well kept weave can last for up to 3 months, and the lure of having Cheryl Cole like locks for 3 months was what made me decide to take the plunge. 

Although this sounds like an ideal scenario, in reality weaves take a lot of up keep, and if you're like me - ever-so-slightly lazy when it comes to maintenance, as I like to spend the absolute maximum amount of time in bed before getting up in the morning, a weave becomes a lot of hassle. Firstly, you are advised to only wash it twice a week, and for the majority of us who wash our hair more than that, it means a lot of faffing around in the shower trying to separate and wash different sections. You also can't leave a weave to dry naturally, which means spending some quality time with your hair-dryer, usually resulting in it overheating - as well as you. You are supposed to apply oil to the hair every day to lock moisture in, which has actually benefited my natural hair massively and introduced me to the wonders of Moroccan Oil, but that's for another day. 

I really enjoyed having a weave for nights out and special occasions as it just made my hair look so much bigger and gave me so many more styling options, although in reality, the same thing could probably be achieved through standard clip in extensions without all the above stress. For every day wear though, I grew tired of it pretty quickly as it was so heavy and difficult to put up, and I wear my hair up a lot for work and uni.

without a weave in
with a weave in
(as you can see, it just added a bit of extra thickness to my natural hair) 

I know overall it sounds like I have a pretty negative opinion of weaves, but like I said at the start, I really didn't need one, so in the end the cons outweighed the pros. However, if you have short hair and want a weave for length or thickness, they are absolutely a good choice if you don't mind all the maintenance. I have friends who swear by weaves and their hair always looks incredible! One last thing, DO NOT get a weave if you are going, or planning to go on holiday. Fake hair and salt water don't mix, which unfortunately I found out the hard way. 

Models Own Utopia: Party style

I have just purchased Models Own nail polish in Utopia (064) after hearing so many good things about it and rightly so, I love it already. With Summer on it's way out taking bright shades with it, this is the perfect pretty nude to see you through the summer/autumn transition. 

This is such a gorgeous shade which I can already tell will be getting a LOT of use in the coming months. Models Own Utopia is available from selected Boots Stores, and also from the Models Own nail bar in Westfield Shepard's Bush. 

As it's a Saturday night though, I have decided to glam the shade up a little by painting a thin top coat of Barry M Silver Glitter (149) over the top which really complements the lilac tones in the base coat. 

Models Own Utopia £5, Barry M Silver Glitter £2.99

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Pay Day Treat: Spot the difference

Tomorrow is pay day for me, best day of the month! So, naturally I have spent the evening online making baskets on all my fav websites ready for me to decide what to purchase tomorrow (don't pretend like you don't do this too!). My Topshop wishlist is huge and let's be realistic, I probably won't but half the stuff that's in there - buttt they are offering free standard delivery until tomorrow (Friday) evening which makes it even more tempting. 

I have also made baskets on River Island, Misguided and Feel Unique, so basically that's my whole wages gone, which would be fine if I didn't have rent to pay, ugh I hate being a grown up. 

Anyway, I just thought I would share this little gem with you all before bed. In my Topshop Basket I had this black knitted jumper with studded shoulders which I love as I'm not all that adventurous with colour and if you read my previous post, you will know I like studs, plus I think it's just a good winter staple - a sensible buy. It's £42, which is quite steep, but I don't mind paying as I know I will get my wear from it.

Topshop knitted stud shoulder jumper  - £42

Thennn, when I was creating my Misguided bag I found this in the knitwear section, for £17 less. Spot the difference? Nothing that I would pay the extra money for, so I think I know which one I will be purchasing tomorrow. Winner. Plus Fern's a fan, which you know must mean a fashion hit! 

Misguided Giorgina studded jumper - £24.99

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

DIY dip-dye

I have just read that next week L'Oreal Preference are launching a DIY ombre kit, yay! Last year I attempted an at home dip-dye with a bleach colouring, which as expected, gave me a very gingery tone and I gave up on the look pretty quickly. I didn't attempt it again and was reluctant to get it done professionally as I thought the dip-dye trend would pass fairly quickly. However, it looks as though ombre hair is set to stay with us throughout A/W 2012, so this at home kit couldn't have come at a better time. 

The wild ombre range will be available in three shades and come with an expert brush that will help you create the perfect dip-dye effect. It will be available from the beginning of September from all Boots stores, and at £6.99 is much cheaper than a trip to the salon. Time to get your Caroline Flack on.

L'Oreal Paris Preference wild ombres - £6.99

Monday, 27 August 2012

John Frieda Full Repair shampoo and conditioner: Review

John Frieda Full Repair shampoo and conditioner

I'm such a shampoo junkie. My mum is constantly whining at me for filling up the shower with bottles, and when I was moving out of my uni house, I had 8 bottles of different shampoos and conditioners to sort out, none of which were empty. Advertising absolutely works on me and if I think there’s a chance that the product will give me long shiny locks like the model they’ve used in the picture, I’m all over it.

The latest addition to my collection was the John Frieda Full Repair shampoo and conditioner. I used to be addicted to their Brilliant Brunette range and had heard some good things about this particular range so thought I would give it a go (plus it was 3 for £10 in Boots, or £7.99 each, winner!)

Okay, so this shampoo and conditioner combo claims to ‘repair the look and feel of overstyled hair as it weightlessly restores bounce for full, flowing styles. Detangles strands, reducing the risk of breaking and snagging when combing or brushing’.  

 I've been using this now for a couple of weeks and so far, so good. In terms of fulfilling its claims, I have seen a definite change in the amount of breakage when brushing; normally, when I brush my hair my lap gets covered in ends (I know I know, it needs a cut) but since using these products this has dramatically decreased, which both me and my carpet are pretty happy about.

I also think that using this has injected some much needed volume into my hair, it just sits nicely after drying and the product doesn't weigh it down too much, so you don’t get that ‘I hate my hair the day it’s washed’ kinda issue with this. Because of that though, I wouldn't say these are the hair products that have made my hair the shiniest it has ever been, so if you love your hair looking shiny and sleek, this maybe isn't the best choice. Also, it doesn't have the most amazing smell, which I know isn't really that important but I love It when my hair is freshly washed and smells amazing. It does still smell nice and fresh though. 

I think I will stick with this one for a while, as it does seem to be improving the condition of my hair, but eventually I know I will start to crave the shine. 

My blowdryed hair after washing with Full Repair range

Thursday, 23 August 2012

life through a lens #1

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Stud me up

I’m absolutely loving studs at the moment and am having to refrain myself from sticking them all over everything I own. I decided against covering all my clothes with them and thought I would invest in a few studded accessories instead.

I had my eye on this Topshop clutch for a couple weeks and decided on a recent shopping trip that I would bite the bullet and make the purchase, although the £38 price tag had been previously holding me back, as I’m not keen on spending a fortune on disposable accessories. Anyway, a couple of days ago I was shopping on Oxford Street and decided to quickly pop into Primark as it wasn’t looking too busy (anyone who has been there on a busy day will know it’s pretty much unbearable). I skipped the clothes and went straight up to the accessories department as I think accessories are definitely what Primark do best.

On one of the walls they had set up a display of studded items and like the magpie I am, I was straight over there. I managed to pick up a replica clutch to the one I was after in Topshop – for just £6! I was chuffed, and was straight back to Topshop to return my original purchase. Ok, so there are some small differences; the Primark bag is a leathery material whereas the Topshop bag was suede, and the Topshop studs were silver and the Primark gold, but hey, for a saving of 32 quid, these details can definitely be overlooked!

Black studded clutch - Primark £6

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Lash Saviour

Me wearing the lashes on a recent night out

Eyelashes - Primark £1

As much as I wish I was blessed with long, thick lashes, I wasn’t. And so for me false lashes are the way forward, although I do try and avoid them in the day time. But for nights out or a special occasion I always wear lashes just so I feel a bit more dressed up. My usual go-to pair are Eyelure 101’s. I love the classic shape and style of these; they are just enough to make your eyes look bigger and more stand-out, but not enough to look overly fake and OTT, plus they are curved so super easy to apply.  

Recently, I was queuing up to by a few bits in Primark when I noticed a display of fake lashes near the counters. At first glance, admittedly, as you would expect they looked pretty hideous with gems and glitter galore, which I definitely wasn’t feeling. But then I spotted a pair which looked fairly natural, and at £1, I thought I may as well give them try so I chucked them in the basket not expecting much. I’m SO glad I did. I can honestly say I really love these lashes. Every time I wear them someone comments on them. They do look quite natural, so if you’re into a more obvious look with your lashes these may not be for you, but if you are like me and go for a more subtle look, these will save you an absolute fortune!

Admittedly, the glue is pretty dreadful, so it’s best to use an alternative brand (I use Eyelure), but the actual lashes are fine! They won't be replacing my beloved 101's just yet, but they are a brilliant (and cheap) back up. So next time you’re in Primark, remember to check them out – bargain of the century!